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Every one of our apartments at desirable Prague addresses is fully equipped to make you feel at home as soon as you move in. We have a wide portfolio of apartments ranging from small but elegant apartments and luxurious to spacious penthouses. We excel at even the smallest details, precisely because resolving them practically creates a safe, comfortable setting to everyday life. Such decisive details include our Empi Home services 24/7– we’ll do the legwork for running your household, so you don’t have to.

A word from the Managing Director

Houses feel like home when they are natural, not when they are perfect.

At Empirent, this philosophy has been paramount since the beginning. It means that we see each apartment first and foremost as a home where you will feel at ease, comfortable and safe. We create authentic accommodation with the ultimate sense for detail. In our portfolio you will find fully furnished and uniquely designed apartments with both traditional and modern designs. We are also building unique development projects that are shaped by our inventiveness and the extensive experience both of our architects and all our professional team. With every design, we pay the closest of attention to sustainability, using smart technologies in particular.  We focus on timeless architecture and design that blends into the scenery, something frequently absent from city life. Our unrelenting desire to streamline processes, and Empi Home 24/7’s key services, make our apartments unique spaces for a happy, well-rounded life. We would love to create your perfect setting – all you will have to do is fill it with life and joy.

Olga Chabr Grillová, Managing Director

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You can also come to see us in our offices, which, just like our apartments, we designed with maximum respect for our employees, for nature and for sustainability.

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From the beginning, our main effort has been to build a new standard of accommodation and above all to create homes where everyone will feel safe and at ease to suit their needs. We believe that every detail is important, and that is why we inject innovative, practical thinking into every interior design and every new development project. These are among the reasons why we have been a market leader in premium and luxury accommodation since 2006. All of our properties are underpinned by the strong values of a family business, our personal approach and the endeavors of our team of designers and architects. We gradually expanded our core business of sales and long-term rentals into short-term rentals, which has been key in showing us how to create an even more effective customer approach. The concierge services typical of top hotels inspired us to create the absolutely unique Empi Home services 24/7, which enables us to arrange everything so that every client immediately feels at home in their new apartment. A truly personalized approach does not, for us, merely mean a wide range of accommodation and services, but also the option of ensuring accommodation flexibly, even from one day to the next.

A perfectly managed service and clients coming back to us again and again are, for us, the most important indicator that we do our jobs well. Even though we have gradually expanded into a larger company, we still pride ourselves on our original, family-business values, mutual trust, and maximum professionalism in our personal approach and flexibility. This is evident in our very wide range, which is popular not just with luxury lovers, but also young couples and students seeking an economic solution. The most important thing for us is that every client is happy.

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Development projects

Braník Residence

Modern residences with a breathtaking view over the surrounding greenery, river valley and Prague Castle. The magnificent layout is adorned with solid wood and boasts large windows, meaning your life will always be full of light.

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