We strive to carry out a business which minimizes carbon footprint and saves energy as well as takes into consideration social impact.

For instance, Drink Tap Water project by Veolia, encourages citizens to consume drinking tap water. Thus, we offer to our guests to be part of this and enjoy clean water right from out of the tap in their bedroom and save on using plastic water bottles which only creates unnecessary waste.

Gradually, we equip our apartments and residences with SodaStream water machines.

We encouraging guests to keep using towels in their rooms again which saving our precious water resources considerably.

In terms of saving energy, we install LED indoor lighting in the apartments which has longer life cycle and utilizes less electricity.

We support single parents who look after their kids and are in difficult life situation, charity organization Women for Women.

Local communities are benefiting from our improvements in their residences, such as installing new elevators.

Lastly, our bio farm Oblik is producing variety of milk and goat cheese and milk products, all produced in traditional way.

Our obligations towards CSR

Compliance with EU as well as local legal regulations.

Maintaining proffesional attitude towards our clients and business partners.

Looking after our personnel, their working environment. We support their education and carreer growth.

Strictly followingo health and safety standards and regulations.

Building and maintening relationship with our neighbours.

Minimizing an impact on the environment.

Should you have any questions then contact our team at

Help Linka: 800 801 123

Have a look at some of our residences

Old Royal Post

Grand Central Residence

Karlin Residence


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