We deliver tailor-made business and private events

An extraordinary life is associated with the exceptional things we want to experience in interesting places. In such moments, you want to be sure that everything will work perfectly and that every last detail has been fine-tuned. We understand – and can ensure that all will run smoothly, from the welcome drink to the farewell gift. We provide services for business events, like corporate parties or business dinners, and for private events, such as weddings and birthdays. You can obtain more information from our organizer Tereza.


A great deal of thought, planning and fine-tuning goes into delivering events that you will enjoy and remember for a long time to come.

Tereza Kalašová

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A fairytale wedding


You are in a beautiful place, wearing the perfect dress, and about to marry the love of your life. Your family and close friends are with you. It is your day, one of the best days of your life, and you want everything to be perfect. We will take care of all the preparations. We will arrange a delicious meal, creative and tasteful decorations, the flowers, and even take care of your hair and make-up. All our suppliers are extremely well-coordinated and guided by our experienced organizer, who knows exactly how to prepare an intimate wedding for your closest friends and family, or a weekend filled with experiences.

A fairytale setting near Prague

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Do something good

CSR and charity events

If society is to flourish over the long term, it needs not only responsible, sustainable housing, but also a healthy environment for bringing up future generations. That is why we work with the organization WOMEN FOR WOMEN, founded by Ivana and Pavel Tykač, as part of our charitable activities. The organization helps single parents who have found themselves in a difficult situation and were in danger of losing their homes. These people suffer psychologically, economically and socially. W4W’s activities consist not just of specific work with individuals, but also in cross-society action and awareness-raising. They focus on education, employment, good career opportunities for lone parents, and sophisticated, just and effective systems to help with providing adequate nutrition for children and with access to housing, but also legal assistance and social education – which means staying well informed.

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Events requiring a unique approach and venue

Special opportunities

We can plan and prepare different types of event that require an active and original approach. This may be a lecture by an expert in the field, professional conferences, launching a publication, dinner with a top chef, a soirée with influencers, a wine tasting, an unforgettable birthday or even a James Bond-themed Christmas dinner. Do you have an idea? We will bring it to life. Are you seeking inspiration? We will show you that anything is possible.

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Bespoke events

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